Comfort is Not Consistent

Comfort is not consistent. There may be days where you wake up and instantly feel uncomfortable. It happens. You wake up and feel stressed, anxious, nervous, heavy, excited, or maybe a combination of all of these. It’s weird and it happens to everyone. What I’ve learned in my intuitive eating and intuitive movement journey is that I don’t always feel comfortable in my body. The thing is…I’m not supposed to. Comfort is not something consistent. It can be there on certain days, in certain moments, or even certain seconds. It will not, however, always be there. Our feelings, emotions, and even our physical body itself changes daily. Sometimes that doesn’t phase us and sometimes it does. What is FASCINATING to me is how much we feel our emotions in our physical body. Have you ever considered that on days you feel weight heavy, you may just be heavy with emotions, ideas, or thoughts?¬† It is not always about weight, and in my experience on most days it has absolutely nothing to do with weight.

What I’ve learned is that I can either do something to get rid of any weird uncomfortable feeling (i.e. running or working out) OR I can choose to sit with it. Some days it’s the first option and some days it’s the second. Yes, the second option is WAY more difficult ….or at least it can be in the beginning. However, if you never practice the second option, you’ll always be running away from your emotions and quite honestly, an emotionless, numb life is not something I want. Weird feelings are a part of being alive.¬† They are part of being human. So for me this morning, instead of waking up and running off any and all feelings, I listened to my body and noticed that I was actually quite hungry and craving some quiet time this morning even in the midst of my anxiousness and heaviness. Even in feeling “off”, THIS was what I truly needed. To be present. To be powerful. To be mindful. To be human.

So just know that sometimes  you do get to choose the uncomfortable option or be with the uncomfortable feeling and still find stillness and peace in that.


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