The Thing About Sweets…


What am I referring to? Cakes. Cookies. Candy. Deliciously loaded ice-cream. Brownies. Pies. All of it.

You get the picture. The good stuff.

I feel like it can be such a controversial topic….when really it doesn’t need to be.

Sweets are something that were not made to meet all of your nutritional needs. I’m pretty sure the person who created brownies or cookies was not thinking “yup, this will do it. It’ll be just like salad.. full of greens and fiber and vitamins trapped inside of this deliciously made dough ball”.

….now, I wasn’t there…but I’m pretty sure that’s not how that went down.

Yet, somehow within the last few years food companies are making sweets “healthier”. If you think about it, things that were previously made with butter and sugar and regular flour are now “high protein, sugar-alcohol containing, enough fiber to make you poop out those calories” items. [not all, but some]


Isn’t a healthy diet a balanced diet? Doesn’t a healthy diet get to include things that we eat simply because they taste good? Why does everything have to be “healthy” all the time? and honestly, what does the word healthy really even mean?

Is it actually healthier to be eating an entire pint of low-calorie, sugar alcohol containing ice-cream than eating a serving of regular ice-cream? Is it really better that we sometimes mindlessly overeat something simply because it is “healthy”, yet still find that our cravings were not satisfied? Because let me tell you,¬† a 100 calorie pack thin-as-paper cookie will never satisfy your craving for a delicious crunchy (or soft) homemade fudge chocolate cookie. It’s kind of like salad can’t be steak and steak can’t be salad.

So yes, this is what I think about on a Monday night as I decide on what to have for dessert. My options – a frozen chocolate fudge greek yogurt bar or delicious white fudge covered Oreo cookies. Clearly I like both. They are both in my kitchen. But, there’s days where I want one and days where I want the other.

It should actually be a super simple choice. I already ate dinner. I’m satisfied food wise but I just want something sweet. I don’t need a lower calorie, higher protein ice-cream. That won’t satisfy my craving. I’d likely eat it and then end up still wanting the amazingly delicious white fudge oreos.

Let me tell you from experience, if you choose the “healthy” dessert option and you really just wanted the other option, you’ll either

  1. eat the “healthier” option and not be satisfied
  2. end up eating both OR
  3. end up eating much more of the “healthier” option only to reach a point of fullness¬† that may be slightly uncomfortable….yet still find that your craving wasn’t satisfied.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with lower sugar desserts or swapping out ingredients in recipes, but I also think we need to be realistic and know where to draw the line.

Dessert is dessert. It was never meant to nourish you the way food was. It wasn’t meant to meet your protein and fiber needs. It wasn’t meant to be eaten only when you’re hungry. Think about it. Do you really want to be trying to meet your protein and fiber needs through dessert? I don’t think so. Leave that up to real food.

Happy Monday!

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