What Are You freaking Out About? A Few Thoughts to Start Your Day

What are you freaking out about right now?

Maybe it’s that you got very little sleep and have a busy day ahead of you.

Maybe it’s that you haven’t figured out what you’re making for thanksgiving yet or even better, that you haven’t hit up the grocery store yet.

Maybe it’s that you have no idea how today is going to go.

Or when you’ll hear back from someone or something you’ve been waiting on.

Maybe you’re freaking out because you don’t know how you’ll fit in a workout or what your meals will look like today.

Here’s a little secret:

Freaking out is actually pretty silly. It’s us thinking and planning and trying to control what will happen in any other moment other than right now. But right now is where you are. Right now is where your life is actually happening.

If you’re not here in the present moment, then you’re not present. You’re not in your life. You’re freaking out trying to plan what isn’t actually able or meant to always be planned.

Thoughts and planning will only take you so far. You won’t know until you live it.

So give up planning out every little detail of your day. Give up worrying.  You really don’t know how today will go or what will get done. What you do know is how you’re reacting to life right now. So choose. Choose to live and act in a way that supports this moment, not the next. Because if you focus on this moment, the next one will happen just as it needs to.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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