There’s No Way I’m Already Hungry

Questioning hunger

Have you ever felt hungry or not felt hungry and questioned yourself about it?

Maybe it sounds like this:

“There’s no way I’m already hungry, I JUST had breakfast”

“Why am I so hungry today?”

“I can’t believe I’m not hungry yet”

It’s funny because we do this a lot. I hear this a lot. It’s as if questioning ourselves and our body’s ability to know what it needs is now the norm.

But really, if we’re hungry, we’re hungry. Hunger is our body’s way of telling us to eat because we need energy. The fact that we question it is pretty fascinating. I’m pretty sure most of us don’t think twice about having a full bladder and wanting to empty it or over think how much air we’re taking in.

We just do what we need to do. Now, we may laugh about how often we need to use the restroom and how much liquid we’re drinking but that’s that. No judgement, no questioning. Just facts.

We simply receive these signals in our body and go with them. We don’t stop to question them. So yes, some days you use the restroom more than others. Some days you’re hungrier than others. It’s normal and great and shows that your body IS and WILL be different every day. We are shifting, living, dynamic human beings.

News Flash: Your body was not meant feel or be the same everyday.

Your body is way more fascinating than that.

Now, I do know that sometimes we can confuse other emotions or needs for hunger.

That is where getting present to your body and learning your own hunger cues is important.

Everyone experiences hunger differently

Everyone experiences hunger differently. Some of us think about food. Some of us get the stomach rumbles. Some of us get light-headed or can’t focus. Some of us get irritable or hangry….and some of us experience all of these and more.

Stress, emotions, physical activity, how much/how little you ate the day before, hormonal shifts, the amount of time since you last ate, how much energy your body needs today, the nutrient composition during your last meal, and much much more will impact how hungry you feel and how often you feel hungry.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to spend your time questioning or trying to analyze it because your body has your back. It takes care of the thinking for you.

Choose to honor your hunger, even when it doesn’t “make sense”.

Choose to let go of control and instead trust in your body’s intuition.

Know there’s a reason why you feel hungry and that you don’t have to understand it.


From my belly to yours <3 ,


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  1. Matt Bench says:

    help determining real hunger and emotional hunger pls!

    1. Lucia says:

      Hey Matt !

      This is a a good one and one that can be tricky sometimes. Like anything else, I think the more we bring awareness to our hunger and our emotions, the easier it becomes to distinguish between the two.
      I’d say the first thing to get curious about is how your body experiences hunger [because not everyone experiences hunger in the same way(s)].
      Do you get a feeling of emptiness in your stomach? Hunger pains and growls? Do you get nauseated or irritable? Do you get a headache or feel as if you have no energy? Do you start thinking about food? Do you get anxious? Etc

      Emotional hunger happens too. I think the most helpful thing I’ve learned in figuring out how to distinguish the two is taking a minute to ask myself if I’m actually needing food (seeing if any of the above signs are there for me and even asking myself when the last time I ate was) or if there’s another emotion that I am feeling (excitement, sadness, loneliness, stress, etc) that I am looking to numb out. Again, I think this takes practice. It takes being willing to take a second to check in with ourselves and our body.

      More than likely, if it’s hunger….it won’t go away. If it’s another emotion, it will usually go away by doing something else.

      Also, side note: I do believe that emotional hunger or emotional cravings are a part of life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting comfort food when something bad happens, or someone has had a bad day, or wanting a glass of wine to wind down….HOWEVER. If this is the only way someone has to manage emotions aka their only go to, then it can become an issue.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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